... in the magical land where myth meets reality and that the ancient Greeks have chosen as the home; surrounded by the wonderful National Park of Cilento and Vallo di Diano, crowned by the magnificent Amalfi coast, at sunset, when the red sun Fire embraces the sea of glass, straining the ear to the sky, you can hear the singing of the angels!

Cantus Angeli 2014

Cantus Angeli 2014: The Choirs

Cantamici Koor
Leuven – Belgio
Nettaim Choir
Pardes Hana – Israele
Coro Sine Nomine
Yopal – Colombia
Adonish Choir
Tokyo – Giappone
Corale Polifonica Angelicus
Mercato S. Severino – Salerno
Coro de Escribanos Notarius
Montevideo – Uruguay
Gruppo Corale Chiancianese
Chianciano Terme – Siena
Ma’alot Kfar Vradim Choir
Ma’alot e Kfar Vradim – Israele

Cantus Angeli 2014: The Programme

Here is the programme

Here is the programme of 2013 edition

Edition 2013 - The Choirs

Here's the chorus of Cantus Angeli 2013

Coro Tourdion
Tavagnacco - Udine
Coro Polifonico di Chia
Chia - Colombia
Libro Choir
Vilnius - Lithuania
Coro Giovan Battista Chiossonne
Arezano - Genova
Zlilay Kfar-Saba Choir
Kfar-Saba - Israel
Corale Polifonica Angelicus
Mercato S. Severino - Salerno
Savionir Choir
Savyon - Israel
Corale della Fondazione Unisangil
Santander - Colombia
Coro Sounds of Industry
Tel Aviv - Israel
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